The NFL Needs a Hail Mary Play

The NFL is currently spending gigawads of boodle on nationwide ads aimed at mending their bad boys’ image.  If they’re really serious about this, they might consider using Michael Vick. Yes, he did step on the third rail of anti-social behavior. Everyone but him seems to know you simply do not mess with dogs. Think Cruella Di Vi.  Like many before, he stands before the cameras and issues a forceful denial. Only, he violates media rule #1: if you lie, you will get caught. This, naturally, is followed by a fact-induced 180-degree turn as he publicly humbles himself, forthrightly apologizes and invokes Jesus. He should get credit for not reading his statement and speaking without notes. It says heart-felt. Senator Craig, take note.  Remarkably, denials, apologies and invoking Jesus like this are now considered scale for union players. The NFL and Vick need more. They could try blaming it on rage-creating steroids - the victim as chemically induced scenario. But that does seem to open another unpleasant door for everyone.  Here’s a bold play. They hire world class photographer Annie Leibovitz to shoot Vick holding a fluffy white Bichon Frise puppy gently in his massive yet vulnerable arms. They might even have make-up add a little tear coming down his cheek. It’s a Hail Mary play and a possible Vanity Fair cover. Hmmmm.