• Developing a Personality Theme
  • Audience Analysis
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Personalizing the Talk
  • Demeanor, Attitude and Affect
  • Demonstrating Empathy
  • Delivery Skills: body language, gestures, eye contact, vocal inflection, volume and pacing
  • Wardrobe, Hair and Make up
  • Developing, Structuring, Reinforcing Key Messages
  • Mesage Shaping
  • Headlines & Soundbites
  • Reading the Script
  • Converting Global Messages into Concrete Examples
  • Q&A Techniques: bridging, reframing, empathy, repetition and soundbiting
  • Managing the Mechanics
  • Harnessing Visual Aids
  • Validation, Evaluation, Adjustments and Critique
  Whether you are working from a precise text, an outline, bullet points, a visual aid, or just last minute notes scribbled on a program, this hands-on workshop prepares each client with the tools and tips needed to present effective sales talks, speeches, new product or service roll-outs, IPOs, personal appearances, trial testimony, tele-conferencing or legislative testimony.
  Participants are coached to identify, structure and reinforce key message points, how to demonstrate rapport with an audience, how to headline and soundbite complex issues, how to utilize pacing, volume, infection, gestures, and body language to strengthen the impact, how to score a speech and how to handle informational and confrontational questions- all through the evaluation eye of the camera and the coach who offers supportive evaluations, counsel and recommendations.