• Developing a Self-Brand. How Do You Want to be Experienced?
  • Creating Win-Win Conflict Resolutions
  • Coping with Burn-out and Depression
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Build Trust While Molding Alliances in Your Immediate Group and Within the Organization
  • Dealing with Difficult People, an Intimidating Superior, or an Emotionally Complex Colleague or Employee.
  • Making Contributions and Impressions in Meetings
  • Handling Personality Conflicts
  • Handling Work Place Stress
  • Coping with Change: Downsizing, Mergers, New Executives
  • Developing Empathy Skills
  • Building Rapport with Workspace Colleagues
  • Utilizing Assertiveness and Compliance
  • Dealing with Clutter, Chaos & Self-Criticism
  Understanding behavior and applying the necessary skills to deal with those above us and below us in the organization is the goal of our Personal, Interpersonal & Group Sessions. We take appropriate methods and techniques of family and group therapies and apply them to the office, to the dynamics of your workplace family.
  Under the direction of our licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Melody Alderman, along with our presentation skills trainer, Tom Alderman, StepOne of our confidential two-step program assesses and defines difficult behavioral styles and workplace dynamics. StepTwo consists of individual and/or group sessions - on, or off-site - to resolve internal issues, conflicts and frictions that are having a negative impact on your organizations effectiveness.