• Developing a Personality Theme
  • Audience Analysis
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Legacy Media: Who They Are - How They Operate
  • Neo-Journalism: telling the story
  • TV Protocols: one-on-one, panel, live, tape and satellite format
  • Radio protocols: call-ins and phone formats
  • New Media: The message Fits the Medium
  • Personalizing the interview
  • Demeanor, Attitude and Affect
  • Delivery Skills: body language, gestures, eye contact, vocal inflection and pacing
  • Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up
  • Developing Key Message Points
  • Message Shaping
  • Q & A Techniques: bridging, reframing, empathy repetition, and soundbiting
  • The Pyramid Answer
  • Converting Global Messages into Concrete Examples
  • Validation Evaluation, Adjustments and Critique
  This intensive workshop provides each client with practical, on-camera experience with all aspects of reaching an audience through the very reductive process of legacy or new media, whether it is consumer, trade, business or general press.
  The session covers fundamental strategies and techniques necessary to achieve control of any media venue. Participants learn how to build rapport with an audience, how to focus, shape and soundbite key messages and how to handle informational and confrontational questions. Clients see themselves through the evaluative eye of our camera, and our media coach, in a series of customized interviews evaluations and critiques.